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Want positive exposure for your business? Sponsor a dedicated charity package. 100% of your donation goes to the charity!

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What do you do? Tell us what your company does for charity and be recognised by the Pharma Industry.

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Kenya's kids

Recommend a charity? CPhI would like to hear your suggestions of a future charity to partner with to help increase the impact for their projects.

CPhI prides itself for its sustainability values and accreditations

Over the years, the CPhI community (staff, visitors, exhibitors and contractors) has achieved fantastic results for charitable causes. Taking actions by donating funds, offering services in kind and even volunteering their time in  projects such as the CPhI Community Charity Challenge in Kenya. 

To find out more about our Charity and CSR program you can contact:

Ms. Rhylie Luanweir
Global Group Brand Manager
T: +31 (0) 627 363 930

Tell us what your business does for charity?

CPhI would love to hear what your charity initiatives are and recognise your achievements at the CPhI Awards to the wider on and offline CPhI communities.

2015 Achievements

Since the creation of the charity initiative the CPhI community made up of CPhI staff, exhibitors, visitors and contractors donated, sponsored or volunteered their skills/ services to help charity Global Angels with these life changing & saving projects:

  • UBM sponsorship contributions from 2014-2015 of € 10,000 
  • Client donations registration page raised €1,685 Euro (*377 online donors as of 10/10/15)
  • Charity packages sold to a total of € 8,700 
  • Two cleft lip operation donations in partnership with CPhI's sponsors
  • 50 children for a year fed at Sasyeni School, Kenya 
  • Coverage of charity work in leading trade publications 
  • 150 solar lights bought for community in Kenya
  • Stationary purchased for 400 students in Kenya
  • CPhI show signage recycled into 400 backpacks and pencil casesand shipped to Kenya free of charge by freight forward supplier
  • Over 377 clients join the CPhI Angels Charity Network
  • Community members volunteer time and skills during 2015 charity expedition to Kenya