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With the rapid increase of Chinese packaging technology, more and more high-quality enterprises mount international the stage and gradually becomes a new force to promote the development of global packaging materials!

InnoPack China is the region’s top trading platform which welcomes exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Known by its high quality products and comprehensive range of exhibitors, InnoPack China is the ideal platform for visitors sourcing for mind to high end Packaging and Drug Delivery System and gain ideas from designing stage to finished good.

This year, through internet voting and expert review, 12 high-quality enterprises are selected as Most Popular Pharma Packaging Suppliers. You may find your Packaging Partner through it.

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Top 12 Most Popular Pharma Packaging Suppliers


Shenzhen BONA PHARMA Technology Co., Ltd. :Child Resistance Nasal spray

Revolution Patented Product:

  • China: ZL 2014 1 0484326.6
  • PCT/CN2014/086955
  • Korea: 10 - 1701422
  • U.S and European under publication stage
  • Safeness: user friendly, friendly use by adults, while safe for children, too, 100% passes CR test according to CPSC
  • Fast priming and re-priming
  • High accuracy dosage: tolerance +/-10%
  • Screw on the neck facilities incorporated into existing filliing line easily

Ningbo Zhengli Pharmaceutical Packing Co.,Ltd:Syringes

Now the main export product is syringe, in the base of more than 26 years glass forming experiences and automatic equipment, cleanroom workshop, strict quality management. 

  • The advantages of the syringe compare with other products
    •  Using the high quality of glass tubes and rubber accessories, having the nice compatibility with medicine inside.
    • Reducing the waste due to the storage and transfer progress, especially in expensive biological products.
    • Avoiding the 2nd pollution by pumping the drug.
    • Using the ration way of filling, this is more precise than manual operation.
    • Drug name can be printed on the syringe directly, is not easily mix the information and can keep the patient drug details.
    • Easy to operate and save more than a half time comparing with ampoules.
  • Why syringes will widely accepted by oversea customers:
    • Have the stable quality, safe drug way.
    • Easy to using and also can be self-injectable application.

WEGO Group Pharmaceutical Packaging Products Co:pre-fillable syringes

The annual capability reach 300 million sets pre-fillable syringes covering the injection volume from 0.5ml to 5ml.

WEGO prefillable syringes have had the CE, ISO9001, ISO15378,ISO13485 certificates and obtained DMF.

With the concept of supplying products of high quality, safety, cost effectiveness and consistent innovation, we take our effort to become a reliable partner of pharmaceutical enterprises both in China and abroad with prefect service.


Huili Group:Aluminum blister foil (PTP)

Owns 3 production lines for printing and coating, and annual productivity is 3,000 tons. Strictly follow GMP management, produced in D grade purification workshop; certificates for this product: CFDA registration certificate, USFDA DMF No., ISO9001 and etc.

*Stable Productivity      * Stable Delivery

* Stable Prices              *High Quality

global printing


  • Stable quality
  • Rapid market response
  • The leading technology of complicated and mature craft such as holographic laser positioning hot-stamping and wallet package in China.

The obvious advantageous export service radius of the Asia-pacific market like Japan, Korea and Thailand etc.


Shanghai Haishun New Pharmaceutical Packaging Co.,Ltd.: aluminum foil

Provide moisture, oxygen barrier, dark, child protection of the overall drug packaging solutions, sustained to carry out research and development of pharmaceutical packaging materials.

14 Class I drug packaging materials registration card, is the domestic solid preparation package material registration certificate one of the largest enterprises, access to the ISO9001, ISO14001, GB / T28001, FSSC22000 system certification. As a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, Haishun has received 27 national patents, 4 US FDA DMF registration numbers. Haishun brand has repeatedly won the "top ten pharmaceutical packaging materials brand", "green packaging brand" award.

Exports to Ireland, the United States, Brazil, India, Thailand, Indonesia, more than 20 countries.


Wisepac Active Packaging Components Co.,Ltd.: Wisemini Desiccant Strip & WisecanⅡDesiccant Canister

Wisemini Desiccant Strip compared to similar products, it has higher index of water-content ratio and absorption moisture rate, leading an excellent absorption performance and helps to extend products shelf life. It has strong seal strength to avoid the problem of leakage and product contamination and offer a non_dusting design.

WisecanDesiccant Canister complies U.S. CFR 21 requirements and is safe to use for food and pharmaceutical package. And it is certified Drug Master File (DMF) No.: 30500 by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The size of WisecanⅡDesiccant Canister is fixed. Customers may choose desired specification depending on their own products to satisfy the combination with their packaging space.

Wisemini Desiccant Strip and WisecanⅡDesiccant Canister can be dispensed by machine directly in the same way as the products are (i.e. pills), without extra equipment.


Gerresheimer Shuangfeng Pharmaceutical Packaging (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd:Injection vials

Injection vials made of borosilicate glass tubing, because of its ideal hydrolytic resistance, resistance to thermal, shock, freeze, acid and alkali and its outstanding tolerance, is the first choice of pharmaceutical packaging for biologics, lyophilisation, vaccines and blood preparation.



The products with high intensity, high resistance against heat, high water resistance, high acid resistance and high alkali resistance. They are high compatible with medicaments and can be widely used for biological agents and injections.

Precise in dimension, satisfying the high-speed production demand, optimal bottle production processes, which guarantees their stable performance.

fourstars CPhi China

Cangzhou Four Stars Glass Co.,Ltd

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Jiangsu Hualan New Pharmaceutical Material Co.,Ltd.

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jiang chaohua

Jiangsu Chaohua Glasswork Co.,Ltd.

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