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CPhI China is the most comprehensive and pure pharma-focused event in China, bringing together more than 45,000+ visitors and over 3,000+ exhibitors from all over the world, providing access to the whole pharmaceutical supply chain, from more than 120+ countries. It is the best professional platform for attendees to meet, network, source new suppliers, build relationships with existing partners and shape the future of the pharmaceutical industry.



Benefit by attending CPhI China 2018 and co-located events

1. Grow your client range and strengthen business relations

2. Expand your international network

3. Keep abreast of latest trends and developments within the pharma industry

4. Access to all co-located events

Learn more about the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry

Access the entire pharma supply chain in 1 location

ICSE China

ICSE China logo

for contract manufacturing and service


Innopack China logo

for pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery systems


P-MEC China logo

for pharmaceutical machinery, technology and equipment

NEX China

NEX China logo

for natural extracts and BioPh


P-Logi China Logo

for logistics and distribution

EP & Clean Tech

EP & Clean Tech China logo

for environmental protection and cleanroom technologies


BioPh China awaits you in Shanghai

for biomedical technologies


Labworld China logo

for advanced pharmaceutical and chemical instruments

Benefits of visiting CPhI pharma ingredients show in Shanghai, China.