BioPh India - BioSolutions for Pharma

BioPh offers a natural business platform to the world of Pharma, focusing on biopharmaceutical development and services, both face to face and online.

The mix of exhibition and seminars at BioPh offer a great platform for all companies and organizations dealing with the research and development of new treatment methods made through biotechnological processes or which are derived from or use live organisms to benefit from.

Exhibitor profile

Academia and Research Centres, Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Methods, Bio Clusters, Bioelectronics, Bioinformatics, Biopharmaceutical and Bio process, Technologies, Biotechnology and related specialities, Cell biology, Diagnostics, Antibodies, Molecular Biology, Equipment and supplies, Genomics & Proteomics, Immunology, Investment Companies, Medicinal chemistry, Patent and legal services, Platform technologies, Functional genomics, Proteomics, Combinatorial Chemistry, High throughput screening, Process validation, Protein chemistry, Technology and software, Therapeutics, Toxicology/virology