CPhI has partnered with Global Angels as part of UBM’s charity giving sustainability values.

The charity was chosen by the CPhI team due to it’s broad scope - women’s empowerment, sustainable business, provision of education, safe drinking water and healthcare.

The Global Angels Foundation is an international charity, transforming disadvantaged communities around the world.

Global Angels empowers whole communities to thrive by providing resources such as safe drinking water, health care, education, sustainable energy and small business development. Global Angels has healthcare projects in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Global Angels

CPhI joins Global Angels in Kenya, 2015

3 ways you can support the charity too


Silver, Gold or Platinum Angel?

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Pharma Community Transforming Communities in Need

Offering Your In-Kind Products or Services


Volunteer Your Skills

Join a Global Angels Expedition and Help the Good Cause

Step Up

We share a vision with Global Angels and the Pharma community to provide health care to some of the most disadvantaged people in the world. By introducing you to some dynamic projects, collecting and funnelling both cash and in-kind donations to these rural hospitals and clinics, together we can make a difference where it really counts.

We invite you to Step Up and become an Angel. Join with us to support this dynamic charity.

Transforming a Community by Supporting Healthcare Projects

Wherever Global Angels partners to provide healthcare, the projects are always part of a community development project providing a wider range of resources, such as water, education and school feeding programs. This approach ensures that our projects are working towards sustainability and facilitating the communities to be empowered.

One of the transformational formational pillars in helping a community thrive is to provide easy access to healthcare for all. The direct outcome is that people’s lives are changed for the better, life expectancy is raised and infant mortality rate is lowered. Access to quality healthcare prevents disease and helps break the cycle of poverty.

We build and equip hospitals and clinics; train doctors, nurses and medics; teach nutrition and hygiene; provide maternity care and reconstructive surgery; providing ambulances, medical motorbikes, medical equipment and medicines.

Find out how you and your company can Step Up to be an Angel by clicking on the projects below.

2015 Achievements

Since the creation of the charity initiative the CPhI community made up of CPhI staff, exhibitors, visitors and contractors donated, sponsored or volunteered their skills/ services to help charity Global Angels with these life changing & saving projects:

  • UBM sponsorship contributions from 2014-2015 of € 10,000 
  • Client donations registration page raised €1,685 Euro (*377 online donors as of 10/10/15)
  • Charity packages sold to a total of € 8,700 
  • Two cleft lip operation donations in partnership with CPhI's sponsors
  • 50 children for a year fed at Sasyeni School, Kenya 
  • Coverage of charity work in leading trade publications 
  • 150 solar lights bought for community in Kenya
  • Stationary purchased for 400 students in Kenya
  • CPhI show signage recycled into 400 backpacks and pencil cases and shipped to Kenya free of charge by freight forward supplier
  • Over 377 clients join the CPhI Angels Charity Network
  • Community members volunteer time and skills during 2015 charity expedition to Kenya

The 2016 charity expedition will take place in July, contact [email protected] for more details. 

Molly Bedingfield

Charity Founder and CEO, Global Angels

"CPhI has really helped bring Global Angels to the attention of the pharma community. I would encourage you to step up and support our initiatives in any way you can – through donation of funds or in-kind resources or sharing about our work with your networks and contacts. Together we really can make a massive difference to some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world."

Rhylie Luanweir

Global Group Brand Marketing Manager, UBM EMEA

"What has struck me is the speed and enthusiasm with which an overwhelming number of the CPhI pharma community have shown they want to be involved with this worthy charity initiative. CPhI aim to give as much support as we can. Building on these initial successes reaching out to our global pharma communities to work with our contacts and improve the lives of disadvantaged communities around the world together."