Dr Dittmar Nerger

Nerger Consulting Co., Ltd

Following a career in academia and industry, Dr. Nerger established 2013 a consultancy company serving the pharmaceutical industry in business development, M&A, strategy, R&D and technology, supporting Chinese, Korean companies and Western business partners.

He worked 30 years at Bayer in R&D, Technical Operation and Commercial Operations in Europe, US, Korea and China, since 2014 serves as Shandong Xinhua’s non-executive board member/Int’l. Chief Scientific Officer.

Dr. Nerger received various awards, served as editor of scientific journals, and enjoys working with teams of different cultural background, splitting his time between Europe and Far East.

With the change of pharmaceutical regulations in 2004 the contract manufacturing of FDF in China had been permitted by authorities allowing integration forward in the supply and value chain from APIs to FDF. However, different from the earlier experience in APIs, FDF contract manufacturing had been adopted reluctantly except by few pioneers, e.g. Shandong Xinhua Pharm. Co. Only since 2010 contract manufacturing has been pursued by more and more Chinese manufacturers with extensive investments notably in SD manufacturing capabilities and capacities. In this work shop, we will review the development and learnings, explore opportunities, trends and issues in the view of both the manufacturer and the customer.