Jianguang Zhou

Chemical & Analytical Development

Jianguang Zhou, obtained his PhD from University of Rochester in 2005. He worked at the Chemical & Analytical Development department of Suzhou Novartis Pharmaceuticals Technology for 10 years. He earned the Novartis VIVA Award and the title of Novartis Leading Scientist in 2015. At Novartis, he has been a key leader in the the catalysis/biocatalysis technology platform, holds the responsibilities to develop green and robust chemical processes for developmental drug candidates, and provide drug substance supplies for both pre-clinical and clinical needs. 


Presentation title: Reaction in water: perspective on a green alternative

Abstract: Solvents have been significant percentage of whole mass consumption in the pharmaceutical industry, which contributed to heavy burden of waster treatment. With increasing pressure from environmental regulations, the pharmaceutical industry is facing the judicious replacemnt of a number of commonly used solvents especially polar aprotic solvents. The efforts of investigation of reaction in water will be discussed with Novartis example.