Jingjun Yin

External Discovery Process Chemistry Lead

The pharmaceutical industry is expected to meet the needs of patients around the world at a cost they can afford while minimizing the environmental footprint.

MSD is deeply committed to supporting the development of sustainable and environmentally benign processes for its commercialized products. We strive to develop synthetic processes according to the 12 principles of Green chemistry and engineering.

In addition we consider Green by Design as a privileged opportunity for innovation, with the goal of designing and developing the most efficient, cost effective, and environmentally benign API process.   At MSD we seek to have the ultimate manufacturing process for the launch of our products. This relies on breakthrough synthetic transformations as well as Green by Design concepts to API process development, including:

•Atom economy - convergency, catalysis, minimizing protecting groups

•Productivity – increasing throughput, avoiding isolations, process intensification, continuous processing

•Environmental impact – sustainability and the use of less hazardous solvents and reagents

Several examples from different programs in our pipeline, demonstrating MSD’s commitment to sustainable and benign processes, will be discussed using Process Mass Intensity (PMI) as the main tool to measure success.