Liang Sun

Chemistry Service Unit, WuXi AppTec (Tianijn) Co., Ltd

The optimization of chemistry and work flow were applied with high efficiency in our research labs for less solvent.  The reaction conditions are systematically screened based on our experience with less waste produced. The non-orthogonal screening could help us to optimize the condition with high efficiency. In most cases, the reactions are scaled up with 3~10 times higher concentration and 10%-50% less reagents than the literature conditions. 

A new work flow of workup and purification was also developed in our research labs.  The successful application in the small scale reactions saves huge amount of solvents, especially dichloromethane, considering the large group of organic chemists in WuXi (total >4,000). 

Overall, > 50% of total solvents (and 80% of dichloromethane) could be saved in the reactions plus the subsequent workup and purification (with lower PMI) each year.  Our strategy provides a good example for the green chemistry in research labs.