Pengfei Guo

Chemical & Analytical Development

Pengfei Guo, obtained his PhD in organic chemistry from University of Delaware in 2010. After 2 years’ postdoc in Columbia University, he started his industrial career and worked at the Chemical & Analytical Development department of Suzhou Novartis Pharmaceuticals Technology. As a major contributor, he earned the award “Novartis Technical R&D Invention of the Year 2015”. At Novartis, he has grown up to be a Drug Substance Project Leader, who leads the drug substance supply to support both pre-clinical and clinical trials. Meanwhile he also functions a technical lead for surfactant technology application.


Presentation title: Chemistry in Surfactant Water: Recent applications in Novartis projects

Abstract: The identification of sustainable harmless solvent to be used for general purposes has been an area of focus by many chemistry groups globally in the last few decades. One approach towards the replacement of undesirable polar aprotic solvents was developed by Professor Lipshutz, disclosing his latest application on the benign-by-design surfactant chemistry. However, preliminary successes of this technology were combined with huge challenges, namely emulsion problems, oiling out, or precipitation resulting in mediocre conversions, and too limited generality. The further efforts to address this challenge and resulting successful scale-ups for Novartis project delivery will be shared in this presentation.