NEX China Helping Enterprises Explore New Directions as Plant Extract Market Rises Rapidly

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the transformation of consumption structure, the focus on diseases has shifted from simple treatment to prevention in recent years. Plant extracts, as the core raw materials and products of biopharmaceuticals, have been widely applied in botanical drugs, food additives, functional foods, health foods, and cosmetics, etc. Biopharmaceuticals have developed rapidly in the 21st century. Being affected by such new medical modes, active and functional plant extract products have been much favored worldwide and with broad market potentials. China’s export of plant extracts is granted great development prospective. Meanwhile, the continual introduction of favorable and industry support policies in China enables the industry to keep rapid development; market size of the plant extract industry in China is expected to reach RMB 24.9 billion in 2018, and to exceed RMB 34.1 billion by 2022. The plant extract industry will become a new strategic key industry in China’s economy and social development in the future.

Under such background, the NEX China that has been accompanying China’s extract industry for 10 years since founding will take place again in Hall E4-E5 of Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) on June 18-20, 2019. In reliance upon the flourishing of the international natural extract industry and resource advantages of China in the animal and plant extract field, the exhibition will be expanded to 20,000m2. By then, Chinese and overseas quality extract enterprises will appear with their innovative products. Forums and workshops relating to natural raw materials will be held concurrently on site, to share information about global regulations and analyze hottest exported varieties and application trends of natural plant extracts, so as to provide multiple solutions for the plant extract enterprises during the progress of tranformation and innovation.

Plant extracts enterprises to gather and open a new chapter of NEX China together

NEX, a leading exhibition in China’s plant extract industry, has comprehensively gathered top enterprises of the industry, with the exhibitors expected to reach over 600 in 2019: in addition to the nearly 100 enterprises from Shaanxi, one of the birthplaces of plant extracts, including Acetar, Shaanxi Jiahe, Shaanxi Huike, and Xi'an Yuensun, etc., there will also be leading plant extract enterprises from Hunan, led by ACE Biotechnology, Hunan NutraMax, Hunan Huacheng, and Changsha Huir, etc., to jointly explore the new development trends of the industry.

China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE) has successively introduced four standards in recent years to promote the industry to gradually become normalized, driving the product quality improvement and launching more advanced products and technologies in NEX China. In the exhibition this year, CCCMHPIE officially released the 2018 edition of Plant Extract International Business Standard, which has further promoted plant extract enterprises to constantly improve extraction process and technology to deal with industry transformation. It will normalize the plant extract export and increase international competitiveness of China, and also bring new opportunities and challenges to the plant extract industry.

The 2019 exhibition will present more diverse innovative products and technologies to buyers of the plant extract industry. For example, the technological innovation and R&D of Dongming Growth have achieved leaching of active ingredients of natural plants under the low temperature condition using ultrasonic counter-current extraction technology, which fully protects the activity of active ingredients in plants, and enables products to possess good physical properties; Xi’an App-Chem has extracted stachyose from rhizomes of Stachys sieboldii using water, which is sourced from traditional vegetable, is green and safe, has very low sweetness and calorie, and has been permitted and allowed to be used in food in many countries.

Many high-end conferences and activities on 2019 site to accelerate plant extract enterprises’ gearing to international standards

The NEX 2018 site was extremely popular, and attracted 60,744 visits from 120 countries and regions together with the concurrent CPhI China, growing by 10% than 2017; in particular, the visit of overseas visits showed explosive growth to reach 15,329, growing by over 50% than 2017. The numerous exhibitors expanded their stands owing to the good exhibition effects. NEX China 2019 will expand to cover the entire E4 and E5 Halls of SNIEC, to meet the participation demand of more enterprises.

The host will also hold many quality conferences and activities: China-World Natural Ingredient Conference 2019 will continue to analyze changes of global regulations, track standards of the United States Pharmacopeia, feel the pulse of the industry, and make guidance for enterprises; NEX High Quality Suppliers Gallery will showcase quality plant extract suppliers that pass GEP certification and products thereof, to offer more display opportunities to Chinese quality extract plant enterprises and have more Chinese and overseas professional visitors understand the strength of Chinese enterprises; the host will also hold the Seminar on Innovative Technology for New Raw Materials in association with quality Chinese media, to achieve extensive exchanges on new standards, new technologies, and market applications, etc. of new raw materials; furthermore, NEX China 2019 and the concurrent HNC 2019 will jointly hold 2019 Health Product Buyer Matching Meeting, to achieve maximum resource integration, furnish exhibitors and buyers with a commerce and trade exchange platform that has higher efficiency and higher quality, realize an all-win scenario, and jointly help the big health industry achieve development, transformation and upgrading.