Truking Smart Robots Project Investigation

World’s First Batch of Pharmaceutical Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Plants

Hu Henghua, Member of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial Committee of CPC and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Changsha, led Changsha Key Project Observer Delegation to visit Truking Technology, and focused on the visit and inspection of the New Intelligent Manufacturing Mode Project of Truking Smart Robot Company. Tang Yue, Chairman/President at Truking Technology, introduced relevant situation to the delegation.

Truking Technology, together with the controlling shareholders, acquired the world famous pharmaceutical equipment enterprise: German Romaco in April 2017, to establish Sino-German complementation and product complementation, form the unique pattern in the industry, and greatly advance the international development of the enterprise.

 “Enterprises are rapidly developing, and new products are being launched, but the existing production modes and production technologies fail to meet the international development needs of enterprises,” introduced by Tang Yue, which is an important background that promotes the smart robot project.

And according to the policy orientation of “Made in China 2025”, Truking Technology leads the enterprise towards the intelligent direction. As an important platform for the intelligent transformation and upgrading of Truking Technology, Truking New Intelligent Manufacturing Mode Project will focus on R&D and manufacturing of special robots for the pharmaceutical industry such as filling, detection, sterile transfer, and AGV robots.

Truking New Intelligent Manufacturing Mode Project is in Truking Industrial Park of Ningxiang National Economic & Technological Development Zone, and covers an area of over 60mu, with the constructed total building area exceeding 30,000m2. The Project is supported by the special fund for intelligent manufacturing of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the P.R.C. of RMB 27 million, and China Development Bank development fund of RMB 60 million.

In this project, construction of hardware like plant buildings is being pushed forward steadily, and the design of technical scheme has been completed, with the intelligent plant mainly composed of six function modules including simulation design, digital workshop, automatic storage and logistics, product lifecycle management, product intelligent service platform, and product application demonstration.

“A dual intelligent situation will be formed after project completion: products are intelligent, and so are the means of production,” introduced by Tang Yue. A rich product line of Truking smart robots will be formed, such as loading robot, filling robot, weighing robot, transfer AGV, and detecting robot.

Tang Yue received the interview of Hunan Economic Channel of Hunan Broadcasting System regarding Truking New Intelligent Manufacturing Mode Project, and expressed that in the future, we could see an unattended intelligent pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing plant where the complete production system formed would support pharmaceutical production in an efficient and high-quality manner.

Truking smart robot project will make the plant among the world’s first batch of pharmaceutical equipment intelligent manufacturing plants, improve the intelligent and international levels of the Chinese pharmaceutical equipment, and achieve the new intelligent manufacturing mode of the pharmaceutical industry that covers the whole industrial chain from equipment manufacturing to pharmaceutical production. Tang Yue expressed, “This is advanced almost synchronously with international peers, such as those in Germany. We are not chasing them, or vice versa. Changsha is synchronous with the world in this field.”