Driven by the announcement of ‘Consistency Evaluation of Quality and Efficacy of Generic Drugs’, ‘Adjusting the Evaluation and Approval of API, Excipients and Packaging Materials’ and related reviews and approvals issued consecutively in China, tremendous challenges and opportunities have burgeoned and key innovations have been fostered in new products, new dosage forms and new technologies among pharmaceutical excipients and packages.

During the 3-day exhibition, high-quality enterprises of pharmaceutical excipients at home and abroad will gather to showcase the innovations in the excipient industry. Authoritative industry leaders and experienced experts will attend to interpret the latest excipients policies and forecast the market trends, helping the pharma excipients companies break through the threshold of R&D technology and accelerate the integration into the international standards system.

CPhI China's display of Colorcon's professional products and services has become one of the important marketing activities of Colorcon. Thanks to the advantage that CPhI China has brought to us as an international platform, our solid preparations experts are able to communicate face to face with clients from all over the world and share theirrich experience in the field.

Why Visit?

  • Gather over 100 quality and influential pharmaceutical excipients enterprises
  • Provide a one-stop pharmaceutical industry trade platform for visitors to meet and have in-depth communication with insiders and collect market information
  • Look for new partners and suppliers as well as maintain the relationship with existing ones in one location
  • Participate in various onsite conferences and activities to acquire updated information regarding latest regulation and industry dynamics

Exhibitor Profiles

  • Excipient
  • Desintegrants
  • Surfactant
  • Essence
  • Stabilizing Agent
  • Lubricants
  • Enteric-coated Material
  • Menstruum
  • Colorant
  • PH Control Agents
  • Glidant
  • Antioxidant
  • Sweetening Agents
  • Transdermal Enhancers
  • Modified Release
  • Coating Material
  • Opacifier
  • Filtering Aid
  • Preservative
  • Plasticizer
  • Correctives
  • Fining Agent
  • Others

As CPhI China 2019 coming to an end, we have been looking forward to the upcoming CPhI China 2020. The exhibition this year has a large scale, many high-quality seminars and plenty of visitors. The three-day exhibition attracted over 10 thousand visitors and held more than 100 seminars with many elites. These factors all make it undoubtedly sensible and confident for us to participate in the next show!

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