As an important part of CPhI China, the dosage zone is dedicated solely to Finished Dosage Formulation (FDF). FDF China will bring every aspect of the finished dosage supply chain together in one global location, from Big Pharma to in/out-licensing specialists, end product distributors, and end-user agents.

The Internationalization of Pharmaceutical Enterprises

In recent years, China’s export medicine market has undergone eminent expansion. With the continuous warming of the political and economic relations between China and ASEAN, central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa, the Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises have opened up overseas markets. At the same time, the adjustment of China's pharmaceutical industry structure and the gradual integration with ICH and WHO guidelines have accelerated the internationalization of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises.

The FDF China zone will not only gather pharmaceutical export enterprises at home and abroad, but also attract more R&D innovative companies to join in. Concurrently series of conferences and activities will be held on the theme of pharmaceutical internationalization to share newest trends of global pharmaceutical legislations and foreign trade strategies of big pharma players, so as to booster the internationalization process of China's pharmaceutical industry.

The internationalization of Pharmaceutical Enterprises

A gathering of high-end pharmaceutical ecosystem with half of attendees having decision making power

  • Manager/Project Manager/Head of Department: 30.09%
  • CEO/President/Board Member/General Manager:19.60%

Top 4 Companies

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: 18.71%
  • Drug Sales Companies: 9.59%
  • Import & Export Traders: 7.61%
  • CRO & CMO: 7.12%

FDF China Hot Events

 Top 100 Internationalized Companies Award
•  Excellent Suppliers & Partners in International Market (Top 60)
•  Leading Formulation Suppliers (Top 20)
•  Most Promising Pharmaceutical Companies (Top 20)

CPhI China International Business Programme
•  Specially tailored for international visitors
•  Focus on latest legislation and marketing trends relevant for conducting international business in China
•  Case studies and panel discussions on hottest topics  to gain key insight into China market
•  Simultaneous translation service provided

CPhI International Agencies Updates and Q&A Session
•  Get grasp of the latest developments of global pharmaceutical policies, drug regulatory rules and registration procedures.
•  Gathering experts from domestic and foreign drug regulatory agencies such as CNDA, Chinese Pharmacopoeia Committee, Center for Food and Drug Inspection of CFDA,  WHO, FDA, EDQM, MHRA, SFDA and the British Standards Institution.

CHP-JP Joint Forum
•  A new platform for the cooperation on international standard development and pharmacopoeias between
   China and Japan.
•  Attendees include experts from drug research institutes, manufacturing companies and regulatory agencies.

Exhibitor Profiles

  • Chemical Drugs
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Biological Products
  • OEMs
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Health Care Products

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