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InnoPack Awards Application

Product(s) Information


Please select the category you wish to apply for. One product per category.


In reviewing your entry, the Jury will look for evidence and examples.
To strengthen your application, you are highly encouraged to submit supporting
evidence where appropriate, such as below.

  • Functionality

Is the product functionally innovative?
Does the product achieve and improve the therapeutic effect?
Is the new product or solution executable?

  • Market Potential

Has change or revolution been made in the packaging solution?
Does the product or solution create market opportunities? i.e. financial metrics.
Is the new product or solution executable?

  • Patient Adherence

Does the product have innovative points in compliance?
Does the product achieve the actual treatment compliance improvement amongst users?
Is product or solution executable?

  • Cost Effective

Does the product bring cost optimization for pharmaceutical companies?
Can the economic benefits of the product can be quantified?
Has any added value been brought by the product to pharmaceutical companies?

  • Eco-Friendly
    Does the product bring good protection for drug during storage and transportation?
    Does the product use green or recycling material or design

Please note that products pictures and any files that support your InnoPack Awards application can be sent to Ms. Tinny Yao at [email protected] with ‘InnoPack Awards Application – Supporting Files’ in the subject line and mention 'sent via email' in the answer box below.

1. (Compulsory) One product picture (at least 300x300 Dpi)
2. (Compulsory) One company Logo in high resolution
3. (Optional) Video demonstrations of products or solutions. This can be a marketing video, case study or demonstration of how the product is used

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