NEX China Takes the Express for Healthy Food Together with Natural Extract Enterprises

In recent years, big health has risen as a national policy of China with the introduction of the “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline, and China has specified the new positioning of the nutrition and health food industry. The market size of the Chinese health food industry is expected to reach about RMB403.6 billion in 2020. The active natural extracts have played a vital role in the process of acceleration of the entire nutrition and health food industry and the gradual maturity of the market, and the flourishing of the nutrition and health food industry has brought the steadily growing demand for the natural extract industry.

As the industry ushers in a new upsurge, NEX China will take place in Hall E4-E5 of Shanghai New International Expo Centre on June 18-20, 2019. The exhibition will be expanded to 20,000m2 this year and gather over 600 Chinese and overseas quality suppliers, with the industry development opportunities and resource superiority of China in the animal and plant extract area. Also to comply with the latest trend of big health, the organizer will hold plenty of match making and visiting group events for Chinese and overseas buyers of dietary supplements on site, to help enterprises forge ahead at the forefront of big health and build the future together.

Quality suppliers to be showcased, together with the leading-edge products and technologies

Moving ahead with the Chinese natural extract industry for 10 years, NEX China keeps an eye on the industry dynamics, continues to enrich the scope of exhibit, and guides numerous natural extract companies towards the international stage, which is recognized by top companies of the industry.

A large number of top companies of the industry will appear on the NEX China 2019 site, including Guilin Layn, Shaanxi Huike, Xi’an Yuensun, Acetar, Shaanxi Jiahe, Hunan Huacheng, Chenguang Biotech, Chongqing Joywin, Yuwang Pharmaceutical, and Angel Yeast, etc., with their more diversified innovative products and technologies: the yeast beta-glucans extracted from yeast cell walls by Angel Yeast can significantly enhance immune activity, improve blood lipids and intestinal tract, and resist radiation, with the production and application technologies granted with many Chinese and overseas patents; the vegetarian soft capsule developed by Weihai Baihe has capsule shell made from protein, and as the company has passed MUI Halal Certification, it can process the vegetarian soft capsules for pure oils, such as DHA algal oil capsule, flaxseed oil capsule, and fish oil capsule, etc.; the phycocyanin extracted by Binmei Biotechnology from spirulina appears blue and has been recognized by the U.S. FDA, EU, and China’s GB2760 food additive list as natural food coloring, and it is also a nutritious protein itself and can also serve as a raw material for medicines, health products and cosmetics and as biochemical reagent, etc. The joining of those industry leaders further proves that NEX China has become the platform of choice for quality enterprises of the industry to display brands, booster trades and make information exchanges.

Focusing on Healthy China and connecting the health food industry

In the context of the Healthy China, NEX China, the weather vane of the natural extract industry, has led Chinese natural extract companies to successfully connect the nutrition and health food industry through its commerce and trade strength in the industry. Many hi-level match making and grouping events for nutrition and health product buyers will be held on the 2019 exhibition site, wherein, the host will hold 2019 Health Product Buyer Matching Meeting jointly with the HNC 2019, to achieve maximum resource integration, promote all-win, and jointly help the big health industry achieve development, and transformation and upgrading. Furthermore, the host will also invite overseas buyers for cooperation together with industry-leading overseas media, so as to better satisfy the demand of Chinese enterprises to develop overseas market and expand international business. There have been nearly 100 buyers from the Europe and North America who have registered and will talk face to face with exhibitors on site. Enterprises will access a direct and convenient channel to display innovative products and core technologies on the international stage, thereby rapidly establishing cooperation.

Alongside the matchmaking events, the China-US Pharmacopeia Forum hosted by the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission (ChP) and United States Pharmacopeia Convention (USP) and organized by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE) will take place in China for the first time during the period of NEX China. The Forum will focus on the quality safety of natural plant products, provisions on heavy metal and pesticide residue, etc., and plant product international standards and trade regulations, and plans to invite experts of ChP and USP and officials of the National Medical Products Administration of China and the U.S. FDA to jointly discuss the development scenario for the plant extract and health industries. The host will also launch China-World Natural Ingredient Conference 2019, to gather authoritative experts from the Chinese and overseas governments, focus on customs code classification, international market trend, and global regulation changes relating to extracts, feel the pulse for industry development, and guide the development for enterprises. The topics of the Conference will include principles for customs classification of plant extracts, analysis of hot sale overseas varieties, influences of the U.S. FSVP on the export of the Chinese plant extracts, information sharing of innovative plant extract products, and overview of the export of plant extracts in the first half of 2019, etc.

The exhibition host: CCCMHPIE, an authoritative certification body for quality plant extracts in the industry, will also continue to introduce quality plant extract suppliers and quality products and launch awards of the innovative plant extract products of the year in China for the first time, to promote Chinese plant extract enterprises to build brand competitiveness. The certified exhibitors and products will be centrally displayed during the exhibition.

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