EP & Clean Tech China is committed to presenting pharmaceutical cleanroom and environmental protection products, technology and solutions, while promoting the development of the whole industry. It provides technical applications, equipment materials, industry standards and development trends for pharma professionals from pharmaceutical manufacturers, biopharmaceutical, medical equipment, procurement, designinstitutes, engineering companies, contractors, research institutes and manufacturers of environmental protection and clean technology products.

It was the first time for Tica to participate in the exhibition in 2019, but the outcome is unexpectedly awesome. Except for being inquired a lot by local and overseas clients, we even made deals at the second day onsite whose values were up to $370,000. We Tica appreciates it much to P-MEC China for providing such a chance, and we sincerely hope that the exhibition will become better and better next year!

Why Visit?

  • Access to information on innovative and effective cleaning technologies at home and abroad
  • Take a look at the domestic and foreign air treatment technology in the shortest time
  • Present latest Chinese and overseas technology of purifying products, one-stop engineering cases and high-end manufacturing solutions
  • Provide an interactive platform for pharma environmental protection professionals via various forums

Exhibitor Profiles

Clean Pharma
Clearn Air Solution & Equipment, Cleanroom Equipment, Cleanroom Design & Build-up, Cleanroom Inspection, Cleanroom Management

Green Pharma
Effluent Treatment, Emissions Treatment, Wastes Treatment, Regulation Policy, Green Equipment & Technology

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