Fume Hood: A Safety Link that shall not be Ignored


As one of the exhibitor on CPhI & P-MEC China 2018, Shanghai Tech Labway Co., Ltd introduced the European standard fume hood and the testing standards and methods for its relevant application in China from a professional standpoint from its General Manager Mr. He Ping. Shanghai Tech Labway Co., Ltd is engaged with general contracting and consulting of laboratory projects, planning, manufacturing and installation of laboratory furniture, design and installation of fume hood and ventilation system, and design and installation of gas path.

According to Mr. He, the exhaust control in a laboratory is primarily aimed at the common lab equipment, such as fume hood, medicine cabinet, and fume exhaust, etc., and controls the differential pressure of the entire laboratory. Each country has strict requirements for the face velocity and tightness of fume hood, to guarantee the safety of fume hood operators. The Chinese industry standard specifies that the face velocity shall be maintained at 0.5m/s, because if the velocity is too low, gas in the fume hood is likely to escape, while if the velocity is too high, turbulence will be formed in the hood, also leading to gas escaping from the hood. The most important measure of safety of a fume hood is the tightness test, of which the leakage rate largely determines the laboratory safety. Comparatively speaking, the British Mach-Aire energy-efficient fume hood provided by Tech Labway has 0.001PPM static internal plane leakage rate upon test, to provide an important guarantee of the laboratory safety.

In the entire ventilation system design, the safety and energy saving are what the laboratory managers are concerned about. Especially, the safety factor, one of the most important targets of laboratories, can be further divided into safety of the laboratory operators and safety of surroundings of laboratories.

Finally, Mr. He also emphasized the importance of regular maintenance and test, including the setting and test of minimum air volume; face velocity test and VAV regular calibration; fume hood tightness test and rusting of laboratory products. He said that the long-term customers of Tech Labway included GSK, AstraZeneca, and Dupont, etc., and an important link to achieve customer satisfaction was the regular maintenance, test, and equipment calibration, and in this regard, undoubtedly foreign-backed enterprises would focus more on the safety of operation process after completion of laboratory construction. According to information, Tech Labway has successfully attracted the attention of many pharmaceutical companies, including foreign companies, in this exhibition.

Source/author: Zyzhan.com

He Ping, the General Manager
Shanghai Tech Labway Co., Ltd.