Gather Clean Pharmaceutical Technical Equipment, Assist with Green Production of Clean Plants


Regulation and standards for “clean plants” have become increasingly higher in recent years as China’s pharmaceutical R&D and production industry develops rapidly. EP & Clean Tech China 2019, an annual event of the pharma clean industry, will blow a strong, new pharma clean wind in Hall N4 of Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). Over 100 Chinese and overseas quality clean enterprises will gather on the site, to showcase the latest pharma cleanroom equipment and products, engineering technologies, and solutions, etc.

A super-large exhibition area, and an appearance of clean brands

The new session of EP & Clean Tech China will take place at SNIEC Shanghai, China on June 18-20, 2019. Concurrently with P-MEC China, CPhI China and bioLIVE China, the show will cover all the 17 exhibition halls of SNIEC, with a total of 200,000m2 exhibition area, and welcome over 3,200 exhibitors and more than 50,000 Chinese and overseas professional visitors, to jointly participate in the annual event of the pharmaceutical industry.

Over 100 Chinese and overseas exhibitors represented by Dynaco, Gusu, MAX, Sinoarch, Linsen, and Sujing, etc. will showcase their newly upgraded purification products and equipment, project cases and solutions. They will bring an international, high-quality annual event of the pharmaceutical and clean industries for over 50,000 professionals relating to procurement, project, and cleanness of pharmaceutical enterprises on the site!

Exhibitors’ Profile

  • Cleanroom machinary & material
  • Cleanroom engneering
  • Air filter
  • Clean clothes & material
  • Clean air conditioning
  • Cleanroom doors and windows
  • Clean stainless steel equipment
  • Clean room project management
  • Cleanroom engineering design
  • Cleanroom installation
  • Cleanroom certification

Gathering global professional buyers, and running through pharmaceutical industry chain

EP & Clean Tech China 2019 will take root in the pharmaceutical industry, and gather relevant industry professionals from pharmaceutical industry chains, including APIs, fine chemical and intermediate, pharmaceutical excipients, preparations, contract research, biopharmaceuticals, natural extracts, and animal health and feed, etc. It will become an excellent platform to showcase pharmaceutical green production, and clean technical equipment and projects. Furthermore, the exhibition will become more international to attract international buyers. In 2018 exhibition, proportions of visitors from Asia (excluding China), Europe, and America separately accounted for 76%, 14%, and 7%, and proportions of European and American buyers rose again.

Visitor Job Title & Purchasing Power Analysis

High-end technology forum and buyer matching meetings, to help you seize early opportunities of the industry

The “Pharma Cleanroom Technology Forum 2019” will gather an audience of 100+ people from pharmaceutical enterprises and biotechnology industry and focus on hot topics such as energy conservation and high efficiency, and innovative clean equipment. The forum in 2018 attracted heads of procurement, R&D, and quality departments from well-known pharmaceutical enterprises, including Fosun Pharma, Shanghai Pharma, Sinopharm, Weikang Pharmaceuticals, Zhuhai United Laboratories, Bayer, Merck Chemicals, and WuXi AppTec, et

Furthermore, the host will hold the “EP & Clean Tech Buyers Sourcing Event and Discovery Tour” to meet needs of pharmaceutical plants with plans for new plant construction, plant renovation, and equipment upgrading in recent years. The event is expected to gather nearly 20 Chinese and overseas interested buyers, match suppliers and Chinese and overseas buyers precisely, and give them a closer look at the simulated cleanroom, clean equipment, and project stands


EP & Clean Tech China 2019 will continue to furnish pharmaceutical enterprises and professionals from biopharmaceuticals, clean project, and clean equipment industries, etc. with a diversified communication platform that connects “exhibition” and “conferences”. Please visit for more information.


2019 EP & Clean Tech China
18-20 June, 2019 | SNIEC Shanghai, China
Add: No.2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China