Promising Excipient & Dosage Market, Stable Social Demand for BPCs

Covering the entire Shanghai New International Expo Centre (200,000 sqm), the 2016 editions of CPhI China, taking place from 21 - 23 June 2016,  is expected to attract over 65,000 domestic and foreign pharma professional. This one stop shop trading platform will provide you with access to the whole Chinese pharmaceutical supply chain including ingredients, pharmaceutical excipients & dosage, contracting, biotechnology, natural extracts, intermediates, fine chemicals, etc. Among many, Excipients and Dosage zones belongs to the most anticipated one. 

Acounting for over 80% of a drug's content, the quality of pharmaceutical excipient determins the risk of drug safety and plays a key role in the quality of dosage. Excipients & Dosage zone has been well-established after two years of growth now. The zone will accommodate some of the biggest market players in the area such as North China Pharmaceutical, Huahai Pharmaceutical, Qilu Pharmaceutical, CSPC, Hisoar Pharmaceutical, Shijiazhuang No.4 Pharmaceutical, Livzon Pharmaceutical, Sunhere Pharmaceutical, NKY Pharmaceutical, ER-KANG Pharmaceutical, Xinhua Pharmaceutical and other domestically well-known excipient and dosage manufacturers/producers.

Bringing you the latest industrial trends through onsite conferences and forums

The 2016 show will provide you with a number of high-quality conferences and forums held during CPhI China. Besides bringing the latest market information to visitors and exhibitors, CPhI China will provide you with the platform for mutual dialogues, study and meetings with your peers in the industry. Forums build by CPhI China for years, including Seventh China - World CEO Summit, CPhI, ICSE & P-MEC China Innovation and Development Forum, CPhI China Intenrational Agency Updates, etc., will touch upon a wide number of topics, to name a few: how to tackle fluctuating global pharmaceutical patterns, analysis of probles related to supervision, policy, etc. in the context of pharmaceutical transformation and upgrading. All topics will be dedicated to support pharmaceutical companies in order to enhance and manage their completitivenes.

Exhibitors Profile

  • General zone: pharmaceutical ingredients, antibiotics, alkaloids, amino acids, etc.
  • Excipient, formulation and dosage zone: preservatives, emulgators/ solubilizers, microcapsules, solvents, pharmaceutical chemicals, TCMs, TCM ingredients, TCM decoction pieces, OTC drugs, biopharmaceutical product, biological product, health products, etc.
  • ICSE zone: Composite customization, pre-clinical and clinical test, technology development/optimization, customized manufacturing, etc.
  • BioPh zone: Protein/ antigen/ polypeptide, enzyme, protein purification/ modification/ inspection/ analysis, biological preparations, vaccines, antibodies, etc.
  • NEX zone: Plant extracts, animal extracts, health product ingredients, TCM ingredients, etc.
  • Intermediates and fine chemical zone: Intermediates (general classification), biocatalysts, chiral intermediates, fine chemical industry (general classification), etc.


You can find out more about exhibitors, their products, services and latest innovations this year in June in Shanghai, where you can meet directly meet with over 1500 + other copmanies offering solutions for pharmaceutical industry in areas presented above. Click here to register for free.
Alternatively, you can contact Ms. Tina Zheng ([email protected]) for more information.