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Sustainability report 2023

Towards a greener future

Sustainable supply chain practices within the pharma industry are an increasing concern, as pharma companies look to address the environmental impact of drug development and manufacturing, reduce reliance on non-recyclable materials and assure end-users of steps taken to minimise their carbon footprint.

In our Sustainability Report 2023, experts from the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI), BioPhorum, IQVIA, CordenPharma and Bormioli Pharma uncover the key sustainability challenges for pharma and share recommendations for a greener future. 

This comprehensive report covers:

  • Pharma’s Green Revolution: Transforming the Supply Chain
  • Pharma's Climate Footprint: Quantifying the Impact
  • Collaboration: The Catalyst for Change
  • Making Sourcing Sustainable from the Start
  • Prescription Pollution: The Environmental Impact of Pharma Manufacturing
  • Distribution: Delivering a Greener Future
  • Conscious Water and Waste Management
  • The Future of the Pharma Industry: Working Towards a Healthier Planet
Person holding computer tablet displaying Pharma eBook