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The location showcasing the latest pioneering solutions available to the pharmaceutical market.

LLP – Long Life Probiotic Bites

Anlit | Stand 92B65

LLP Probites or Long Life Probiotic bites are delicious, cutely-shaped dietary supplements for the whole family. Our innovative LLP technology preserves live bacteria in ambient conditions at their full performance capabilities for up to 24 months at room temperature.



ALPLApharma | Stand 111A10

ALPLApharma presents a reinvention of Child Resistant Closures while keeping the well-known push and turn opening procedure: The novel CRC justONE is produced in only one piece instead of three – this makes the production more efficient and the final product lighter, hence more sustainable.  
Certifications: 16 CFR § 1700.20 and ISO 8317

alpla-pharma-innovation 2019
alpla-pharma-innovation 2019

ZOOM Box 3D application

August Faller GmbH & Co. KG | Stand 111F20

One of the focuses of the August Faller Group is the expansion of the communication space on medication packs. An example of this is the new interactive "Zoom Box" 3D application. The folding box combines most of the August Faller solution portfolio in a single product, including information carriers, multi-page adhesive labels and NFC for digital communication. Find out all the possibilities and solutions with our interactive Zoom-Box 3D application.


BD Intevia™ Disposable Autoinjector (1 & 2.25 mL)

BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems | Stand 111C70

BD Intevia™ is an autoinjector that can qualify different configurations of fill volumes and viscosities without having to change any component. It is designed to ensure a high compatibility between biotech drug, primary container and secondary packaging, providing a robust integrated system and mitigating potential development delay (TTM).


Acetium® Lozenge

Biohit Oyj | Stand 92A12

Acetium lozenge is completely new quit smoking innovation - no nicotine nor side effect. You take one lozenge every time you smoke a cigarette. The clinically proven effect is to reduce the pleasure of smoking and change the sensations of smoking. "And one day you'll notice you've forgotten smoking".


Stylo tube with spatula applicator for Canesten Fusspilz Creme from Bayer Consumer Health

Hoffmann Neopac AG | Stand 111C42

Hoffmann Neopac produced the Stylo Tube made of Polyfoil® with a spatula applicator for the treatment of skin and foot fungus. With this innovative packaging the Canesten Fusspilz Creme from Bayer Consumer Health can now be applied without finger contact - hygienic and simple.


PushTab® loop

Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Germany GmbH & Co.KG | Stand 111B53

With Push Tab® loop Huhtamaki is offering a recyclable tablet packaging solution. Push Tab® loop material is completely without PVC and makes it easy to remove tablets simply by applying pressure. Different versions and forms ensure adequate market differentiation and are sustainable alternatives to blister or cold-form applications.


Biorela® Choco Multi Adult

Milsing d.o.o. | Stand 80D62

Biorela® Choco Multi Adult is a unique food supplement for adults in the form of delicious dark chocolate bites. Each bite provides 12 vitamins and iron for everyday protection and adult well-being, coenzyme Q10 for energy production, polyphenols and vitamin B1 for cardiovascular health and proven probiotic for digestive health.


Quartz Vials


Quartz- very new material for Vials! Free from Delamination, Flakes, Alkali elution and PH-shift! Our Vials are made from Pure Quartz. It is different from glass, neither plastic. So, the risk of Delamination, Flakes, Alkali elution and PH-shift can be eliminated. Quartz can give you great possibilities!


Digital Pharma Packaging

Nolato Cerbo | Stand 11C23

A Patient-Centric approach -Digital technology will continue to permeate all aspects of future healthcare.ODM / OTC / VMS Digital caps with built-in sensing technology facilitates features such as locking mechanisms, user authentication, measuring of packaging content, automatic reminders or alerts to end user or caregiver as well as reporting and monitoring functionsfor patient engagement and communication.


Guarders® system

Palma Group S.A. | Stand 92B62NEP

Guarders® - New quality of pediatric care. GUARDERS® system is designed to monitor the baby’s health and development of state changes using mHealth technology and screening the most common diseases to control the occurrence of life-threatening conditions and facilitate diagnosis. GUARDERS® system - keep the baby's health under control

palma-group-innovation 2019

Phillips-Medisize Connected Health Platform (CHP)

Phillips-Medisize | Stand 111B22

The third-generation Connected Health Platform (CHP) from Phillips-Medisize, helps pharmaceutical companies and drug delivery device developers to reduce risk, cost and time to market for connected health solutions. This cloud-based platform provides a safe, scalable and trusted medical device data system (MDDS) built on technology from the world leader in health data interoperability.



SGD Pharma | Stand 111F72

Sterinity by SGD Pharma is the first commercial solution for RTU molded vials, offering a cost-effective quality solution for aseptic filling. Powered by Ompi EZ Fill®, it offers washed and sterilized molded vials for all types of drugs, supporting the industry in bringing products to market more quickly and effectively.



SGH Healthcaring | Stand 111B72

Zephyr is an innovative asthma spacer device by its design and efficiency. This Medical Device Class I is made of antistatic material for lesser particles loss, low throat deposit and compatible with all MDI on the market. Its enhanced ergonomics allows an easy and intuitive gesture.


Mucoadhesive Tablets

Tree Of Life Pharma LTD | Stand 91A51

Our innovative mucoadhesive tablets adhere to soft tissues in the mouth and ensure the slow and sustained release of active ingredients to the oral cavity or to the mucosa until the tablet is completely dissolved.
We offer three developed products, based on this invention, designed to treat the following indications: RAS, Halitosis, Pharyngitis.


Cannabis Oil Capsules (1500mg)

Endoca | Stand 92B70

Vegan full-spectrum Cannabis Oil Capsules that contain not only CBD and CBDa but also CBC. These cannabinoids are found naturally in the hemp plant, and work to stimulate our endocannabinoid system – our body’s natural balancing mechanism, regulating biological functions such as sleep, appetite, mood, pain and our immune system.


syriQ BioPure® silicone-free

SCHOTT Pharmaceuticals Systems | Stand 111F10

Meet the world’s first and only commercial option for a silicone-free, glass prefillable syringe (plunger and barrel) which protects sensitive biologics from potential interactions with silicone. Close collaboration between Gore and SCHOTT allowed to combine the innovations GORE ImproJect Plunger and syriQ BioPure® silicone-free glass prefillable syringe in one unique syringe system.

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