Camille Ermine

Marketing Analyst
SGD Pharma

Camille Ermine is a chemical engineer working in the Marketing department at SGD Pharma. Thanks to her first experience in a Pharmaceutical R&D Laboratory based in the Netherlands, she has a wide knowledge in drugs formulation. Camille Ermine joined SGD Pharma in 2018 and actively works with the Marketing Direction to develop new products and support every projects dealing with the parenteral market. 
Over the last two years, Camille was fully involved in the development and the launch of Sterinity, the SGD Pharma Ready-To-Use secondary packaging platform for flexible aseptic operations. The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a shift from blockbuster to biological drugs for more personalized treatments. This trend results in a need for manufacturing smaller batches, handling multiple products in different container presentations on the same filling line, adopting ready-to-use primary packaging. 
Her mission at SGD Pharma is to improve and protect patient’s health by providing high quality, reliable and innovative primary glass packaging.