Allocation Points

How does the CPhI Allocation Process work?

The right location at the show makes all the difference. Learn more about CPhI Worldwide allocation process and see how you and your company can benefit by choosing the right location at the show.

*Please note: The allocation process is applicable only to CPhI Worldwide and FDF exhibitors.

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Allocation Points and the Allocation Process*

How does the allocation process work in 2018?

At CPhI Worldwide we use Allocation Points to offer you stand space. We call this the allocation process.

Allocating stand locations at CPhI Worldwide is based on the amount of Allocation Points an exhibiting company has. The more Allocation Points a company has, the more stand options available.

Watch our Onsite Allocation video below to learn how it works!

The Allocation Points system

Allocation Points are earned as follows:

An exhibiting company must submit a contract by the deadline dates in order to receive the highest amount of Allocation Points for their stand contract.

Note: These points are used for the onsite rebook schedule and will influence your time slot to book your stand onsite for the next edition.

For 2018:

Until the 26th of October 2017:

  • Company will earn 21p automatically + 2p for every 12sqm if they book at least the same or bigger stand/space size compare to their 2017 space/stand.
  • Company will earn 9p automatically + 1p for every 12sqm if they book smaller stand/space size compare to their 2017 space/stand.

Until 31 December 2017:

  • Company will earn 9p automatically + 1p for every 12sqm.

Starting 1st of January 2018:

  • Company will not earn any points regardless the size of the space/stand they’ve booked

Important: Allocation Points can be earned if an exhibiting company at CPhI Worldwide also participates in any of the following within a give 12 month cycle:

  • 3 points will be earned automatically for every other CPhI event
  • 3 points will be earned automatically for every € 5,000 spent on any CPhI Worldwide 2017 promotional package up until 30th June 2018

Note: Allocation points accumulate retroactively. This means points earned in prior years are retained and added to an exhibiting company’s current allocation points status.

The Allocation Points list

The number of Allocation Points a company has determines their position on the Allocation Points list and therefore their time slot during the rebook process onsite. The Allocation Point list is updated yearly using the system mentioned above.

5 factors that influence your allocation points:

  1. Booking by the first or second deadlines
  2. The number of square metres booked
  3. The number of years exhibiting as a main exhibitor (that has accumulated allocation points)
  4. The number of other CPhI show participated
  5. The number of sponsorship/digital booked

The above allocation process is only applicable for returning exhibitors to CPhI Worldwide booking stand space for the next edition. After the 26th October 2017, space is allocated on a first come - first served basis.

The New Exhibitor Pavilion stand bookings are booked on a first come first served basis.