PL Poland
Stand No: 9J72
Hygienic plastic pallets for pharmacy, aluminium pallets, stainless steel pallets, stainless steel containers, plastic boxes, stack nest containers, distribution containers, pallet containers, large plastic pallets: 1200x1200, 1400x1200, 1600x1600 and other. ISO 9001 by SGS. Certificate of Health Quality National Institute of Public Health. www.hygienicpallets.com
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 3D81
Take advantage of our 60 years of global pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services experience. Work hand-in-hand using proven inhalation, transdermal, oral and topical manufacturing expertise from feasibility to market – all while ensuring the highest standards of manufactured product delivery in drug delivery systems.
PT Portugal
Stand No: 12A20
73100 is a biotech SME dedicated to the production of new specialty ingredients for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics applications. Our proprietary bacterial fermented biopolymer - FucoPol - is a natural source for efficient production of pure L-fucose, one of the most relevant precursor of complex carbohydrates in Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs). Keywords: Biotechnology, MIcrobial Fermentation, Biopolymers, and Rare Sugars
Sub-event: BIO18