Hy-Gro Chemicals Pharmtek Pvt Ltd (Hy-Gro) is a fast- growing pharmaceutical company engaged in the manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Advanced Intermediates, specialized Fine Chemicals and Finished Dosages.
Sub-event: CPWW18
Zone: API
BR Brazil
Stand No: 9B20
Founded in 2001, Hypermarcas has consolidated its position as a leading pharmaceutical company in Brazil. The Company competes in all relevant segments of the sector, with leadership positioning in several product categories. The Company ranks #1 in OTC drugs, with leadership in segments such as flu symptoms, pain relief, and antacids, among others. Its brands are traditional, and have been established in the market for many years. In some cases, they are category icons, such as Benegrip, Engov, Epocler, Estomazil, Atroveran and Tamarine. In addition, the Company ranks #2 in the branded and unbranded generics, with the Neo Química franchise, which has more than 140 brands and 240 presentations of branded generics, and also 120 molecules and 190 presentations of generics. This segment, which has higher popular appeal, has allowed lower income classes to have access to medication in Brazil. Even so, it exhibits lower penetration levels compared to more...