ACG Associated Capsules

ACG Associated Capsules (ACG ACPL) is the world's second largest, privately-held manufacturer of empty hard capsules. To complement its hard gelatin capsules (EzeefitTM) and capsules made from natural plant sourced cellulose (Naturecaps®), ACG ACPL also has in its portfolio hard capsules for filling liquids (Flofit™), 4 color and circular pre-printed, anti-counterfeit capsules (BrandshieldTM), capsules for Dry Powder Inhalation (Ezeeflo™), clinical trial capsules (Clinicaps®) and more. ACG ACPL has over 50 years' experience of catering to global pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries in over 100 countries and has 5 manufacturing plants with capacity to produce more than 90 billion capsules annually.
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