Alpex Pharma is a drug delivery business focused on the development and commercial manufacture of effervescent and propriety rapidly dissolving (fast melt) pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

Our predominant focus is the development of solid dosage forms to deliver drugs directly into the oral cavity in order to potentially improve both the bioavailablity of the drug as well as patient compliance and convenience to it. Alpex Pharma has 28 years of cGMP manufacturing experience and formulation development. Alpex Pharma was established in 1985 as Aesculapius Pharma SA, managed for 12 years by Elan Corporation as Elan Pharma SA. Currently Alpex Pharma employs around 100 people, is conveniently located in Mezzovico, Switzerland, approximately 15 kilometers north of Lugano and 75 Kilometers from Milan.  

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Via Cantonale 58