Berko Pharmaceuticals was found as Beran Laboratory by Ph. Berat Beran who started his career as a pharmacist in 1970s. In 1984, Berko Pharmaceuticals was found and took place in the pharmaceutical industry. Berko Pharmaceuticals has contributed to the sector and to Turkish Medicine with innovative products that are not in the market. Berko Pharmaceuticals is a company that dedicated itself to improve human health.

Berko Pharmaceuticals, have been aiming to contribute to human health with “For Healthy Tomorrows” vision for more than 30 years and is the fastest growing company with its more than 60 products, about 550 employees and 2 manufacturing plants which has 10 thousand square meters covered area. With its world standart high quality manufacturing facilities, Berko Pharmaceuticals can manufacture 62,3 million boxes with two-shift operation annually. The new investment of Berko Pharmaceuticals in the third manufacturing plant with 11 thousand square meter  area is under construction.


Berko Pharmaceuticals, breakthrough in the field of export and works in this area actively continues. Berko Pharmaceuticals, who is exporting and signed export agreements with total of 33 countries from 2015 until this day, aims to export to North America, South America, USA, Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States and Africa. Also, Berko Pharmaceuticals, has has FDA registration for their manufacturing plant as well as approval for ZincOmega Fish Oils which will begin to export to USA soon.

Berko Pharmaceuticals, put emphasis on importance to social responsibility projects, thus, touch life of people with developed projects. Berko Pharmaceuticals, focuses on this topic and completed many projects in recent years. At the beginning of these projects, there is “Berko Çocuk Tiyatrosu”, which was found to contribute society and art, and “Eczac?n?n Kariyer Yolu”, which contributes to career development of students from pharmacy faculty. At the same time, Berko Pharmaceuticals Social Responsibility and Environment Fellowship, which found by Berko Pharmaceuticals' employees with volunteering basis, realizes many projects as well.  Among these projects, Berko Pharmaceuticals provided clothes, shoes, toys, books, school and hygiene materials and scholarships to rural schools, oncology patient children, people with disabilities, rehabilitation centers and to society for protection of children. Berko Pharmaceuticals, provides scholarship to 10 primary school students and 20 university students.

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