For 20 years, BIOCORP has been designing, developing and manufacturing medical devices for the pharmaceutical industry, enhancing drug reconstitution, safety, packaging and delivery. Today, Biocorp continues to innovate in medical plastics, bringing new solutions to the market such as the NewGuard, an integrated passive safety system for PFS compatible with existing Nest & Tubs, and the Biopass, a reconstitution system with an integrated needle ready to inject. Recognized for its expertise in device R&D, BIOCORP has incorporated software development capacities to develop connected drug delivery systems, including: the DataPen, a reusable smart pen injector that automatically transmits data to a treatment mobile app, helping patients to manage their treatment; and a range of add-ons, smart sensors for existing drug delivery devices (pen injectors, MDIs). On top of R&D capacities, BIOCORP also provides manufacturing services for plastic injection, process assembly and blister packaging.
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