Biotrading is a 45-years experience company strongly oriented to the field of dietary and food supplements and nutritional pharmaceutical manufacturing products within neonatology and pediatric. Since 2010 Biotrading has been working too in the field of geriatrics, gastroenterology and oncology, and since 2015 also in sports and veterinary, by investing in R&D, innovation and high quality. Production processes are certified and special attention is paid to the search for optimal solutions of safety, intake and practicality of the products. Biotrading bases its production strategy on dynamism, technical and scientific innovation and on the quality of its products . Micellar solution, a special pharmaceutical technology, is our strength point and it makes the difference of our innovative products. Our mission is aimed to improve the well-being of the individual by offering and developing high quality and innovative food supplements. A specific sector study that analyzed the last four financial statements deposited...

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