Cafosa Gum, S.A.U.

Cafosa is the world's leading supplier of innovative and high performing gum bases, chewing gum's main ingredient. Cafosa dedicates its activity to confectionery, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry. To dedicate to the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, since 2014 there is a new business unit, Cafosa Health. Cafosa Health vision is to develop the functional and medicated chewing gum category, as a friendly and efficient way to deliver health and wellness. About Cafosa, the company was founded in Barcelona in 1979 and belongs to the Mars group of companies, one of the world's largest food companies that produces global brands. Cafosa guarantees a reliable supply and top quality products and services to contribute to our customers' success in the chewing gum market. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the Food Good Manufacturing Practices and raw materials used comply with the most demanding Food Safety regulations. Our facilities, products and management system...

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