Carbosynth Ltd

Carbosynth are the global supplier of carbohydrates, nucleosides and fine chemicals to the pharmaceutical and bio-tech communities. Our production and laboratories are established in UK, USA and China. Custom synthesis is a growing part of our business in carbohydrates and nucleosides along with our growing capability in fine chemicals. 

Carbosynth have diverse and broad experience in chemistries that range from small laboratory scale multi-step synthesis to large scale multi-tonnage manufacture and are able to draw upon a wide range of experience in chemistries and processes, especially in the fields of carbohydrates. This ranges from carbohydrate synthesis to extraction, separation and purification of natural polysaccharides, including monosaccharide building blocks, sugar phosphates, sugars nucleotides, enzyme substrates, oligosaccharides, polysaccharides and glycoconjugates. Carbosynth also offers a range of niche fine chemicals that include versatile building blocks or products with specialist applications ranging from biochemical reagents, natural antioxidants, coupling agents, to activators in peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis.


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