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Cayman Pharma is the world's most reliable source of prostaglandin Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) using its own patented route to manufacture APIs for erectile dysfunction, ophthalmic, veterinary, and vascular applications. Cayman Pharma has an excellent track record with over 30 years of experience and an outstanding record of regulatory compliance. Cayman Pharma was formed in October of 2006 by the merger of two companies with very different geographic origins. Both, however, had unparalleled experience and expertise in Prostaglandin Chemistry. One was Cayman Chemical, a research biochemical company with global recognition as an expert in the field of lipid chemistry. The other was NeraPharm, a company located within the Spolana complex north of Prague since the late 1970s, but only operating as an independent legal entity since 2002. NeraPharm was conceived during the era of Soviet economic domination and central planning. Their goal, which was largely achieved, was to implement independent...
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