Our mission: To assist you in the development and control of your products To provide a technical & regulatory support Cebiphar, French CRO member of TERANGA Group (100 employees), offers its expertise to the pharmaceutical, chemical, veterinary and cosmetics industry. This expertise encompasses 4 strategic activities: Development and control Stability studies Veterinary preclinical and clinical studies Technical and regulatory affairs Member of TERANGA Group, Cebiphar offers relevant synergies with its sister companies : ACM Pharma with regards to microbiological services UPS Consultants with regards to training sessions. Cebiphar in figures : nearly 40 years experience, more than 2000 products being studied, 1000 veterinary preclinical & clinical studies. More than 150 clients work with us on a regular basis, in France and internationally: start-up, big pharma, generic companies, API producers, cosmetic producers. Cebiphar's sustained commitment to quality enables the performance of studies according to GMP, GLP and GCP quality standards. Cebiphar benefits from the Research Credit Tax certification.
Sub-event: ICSE
Pavilion: France Pavilion

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