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A reliable, skilled and highly experienced Hungarian API producer. In its cGMP conformant production plant in Budapest, Hungary, CF Pharma produces high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients and supplies the products to leading generics producers worldwide.CF Pharma was founded by Dr. Géza Schneider in December 1996. Within the next three years a modern production site was established. The first intermediates were manufactured in July 1999.After the first successful inspection by the National Institute of Pharmacy in 2003, a series of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients with GMP certificates have been developed and produced, establishing CF Pharma as a reliable, skilled and highly experienced Hungarian API producer.The first certified APIs were Lamotrigine, Atracurium and Bicalutamide. In 2009, the site was also successfully inspected by the FDA. Today CF Pharma employs 100 people and is serving many leading generics producers in all part of the world.
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