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Dr. Paul Lohmann® is the world's leading manufacturer of high-purity mineral salts for the pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, food and personal care industries. More than 130 years of manufacturing experience - combined with innovation and flexibility - enables Dr. Paul Lohmann® to respond rapidly to your changing needs. Dr. Paul Lohmann® provides customers with the broadest available portfolio of mineral salts, with more than 400 products and over 7,000 qualities, designed to provide optimum performance across a wide range of applications. Custom-made mineral salts As well as offering standard products at quality levels stipulated by pharmacopoeias, Dr. Paul Lohmann® develops and optimizes products and product grades according to the customer's requirements. This optimization includes the adaptation of chemical and physical parameters such as bulk density, wettability, particle size, purity and pH-value. These parameters can be adjusted to a very fine level for almost all mineral salts. Our experienced R&D department works...
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