Enantiotech Corporation Limited

Enantiotech is an emerging manufacturer and service provider specializing in chiral technology development for pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals production. We strive to serve the growing demand for chiral compounds by implementation of an array of chiral technologies at our disposal. Our modern manufacturing facilities located in Zhongshan city, conveniently situated only 90 minutes from Hong Kong, are fully compliant with the strict regulatory standards of the Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) code. We are dedicated to developing industrially viable chiral technology that meets present demands for efficiency and productivity. We are experienced in production methodologies involving molecular catalysis with a special focus on asymmetric hydrogenation. Our growing inhouse catalyst portfolio provides competitive alternatives and offers new manufacturing possibilities. Talk to us for innovative, cost-effective solutions that meet your needs in a timely fashion. Make Enantiotech your partner for chiral molecules.
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No.6 Zhongjing Road
Zhongshan Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone