Eskay Iodine Pvt. Ltd.

Eskay Fine Chemicals, is part of SK group in India, doing business since 1932. We are a WHO GMP manufacturing company based in Mumbai. We manufacture Iodine, Barium and Selenium Compounds. Our main products are:- Barium Sulphate, Calcium Levulinate, Selenium Sulphide, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Iodide, Methyl Iodide, Trimethyl Sulphoxonium Iodide (TMSOI), Trimethyl Salyl Iodide (TMSI), Ammonium Iodide, Silver Iodide, Thymol Iodide, Iodoform, Diiodohydroxyquinoline (Iodoquinol), Iodochlorohydroxyquinoline (Clioquinol), Potassium Iodate, Sodium Iodate, Calcium Iodate, Potassium Metaper Iodate, Sodium Metaper Iodate, Diiodo Salisylic Acid (DISA).
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