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Hainan Poly Pharm (HNPOLY) was found in 1992 and located at Haikou City, Hainan, CHINA. For 19-years' development, Hainan Poly Pharm have become one of the several companies in China which comply with the FDA-cGMP for the production of Injection and Solid dosage form. And for the technics of controlled release and sustained-release for solid formulation, Hainan Poly Pharm is also one of the best manufacturers in China.

HNPOLY are constructed with three subsidiaries: Hainan Poly Pharma, Hangzhou Sharply Pharm R&D Instit. and Zhejiang Ruida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hainan Poly Pharm obtained the GMP certificate issued by SFDA(China) in 2002. We are going to file FDA application for generic drugs such as, Ganciclovir sodium for injection, Azithromycin for injection and Desloratadine tablets, etc.in this year. Furthermore, we are good at R&D and production of micro-pellets for drugs and natural extracts. We can provide the products, such as Diclofenac Sodium Sustained-release Micro-pellet, Aspirin and Dipyridamole Sustaind-release capsule, Fenofibrate sustained-release pellets and capsule, Metformin hydrochloride sustained-release capsule, Vitamine C sustained-release capsule, Ginkgo biloba sustained-release capsule, Glucosamine delayed-release micro pellets, for more products and information please see the "Product list". Hainan Poly Pharm not only come up to the standards of EU and FDA-cGMP, also be of absolute manufacturing cost advantage for its products made in China, we are pleased to cooperate with you.

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