Hangzhou Verychem Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Verychem Science And Technology Co. Ltd.'s main business is exporting pharmaceutical and chemical products of its own and the related group companies, and it also acts as sales agent for all kinds of chemical and pharmaceutical products, import and export the related industry products worldwide. Hangzhou Verychem Science And Technology Co. Ltd. is a rapidly growing China-based pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise. As a technology-driven, aggressive and innovative company, Verychem mainly services to the global pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical markets. Based on several high-standard production plants and three share-holding plants in China, Verychem is dedicated to produce and supply APIs & its intermediates, Fine Chemicals and Fluorochemicals worldwide, from milligrams scale to multi-ton with qualified products and competitive prices, efficient logistics and good credit. Thanks to our strong team, we have successfully synthesized lots of compounds for major global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Furthermore, Verychem also import and export other bulk...
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