ICB Pharma

ICB Pharma is a Polish research-oriented company with over 25 years of experience in the fields of health care, sanitary hygiene and crop protection. Our patented products and solutions are present around the world. We are present in the following fields:
• Medical devices • Professional pest control • Agrochemicals for rural market • Home & garden Retail market

We offer specialty products in the area of the head lice treatment, prevention of the allergy and the tick-borne diseases such a Lyme disease and others.

We are looking for partners which see potential in distribution of unique medical devices based on many innovative technologies including for example encapsulation technology which allows to obtain the safest and the most efficient solution for the end users.
To ensure that ICB Pharma maintains its reputation as a leader in quality and effective products we have our own research and development laboratory along with the modern manufacturing facility.


Contact details

Lema 10 street