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As a medical company, you may have a great idea for a device that will give you a competitive edge.

But first you have to find a way to manufacture it according to the strict regulatory requirements for medical devices. IGS GeboJagema can help. For over 70 years, we have been delivering high precision moulds for some of the most successful metered dose inhalers, insulin pens, diagnostic products and other medical devices in the world.

Many of the key players in the medical industry bring their toughest product challenges to IGS GeboJagema. That's because we provide the solutions they need to help them innovate new products.

Our problem-solving mindset, proven track record in the healthcare industry, considerable medical experience and meticulously methodical way of working ensures you the highest quality, process control and traceability needed for your medical products.

We make moulds for products you still have to design

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