IL-YANG Pharm. Co., Ltd.

With the company`s slogan, 'Respect humanity', 'Promote human's health' and 'Improve welfare', Il-Yang Pharmaceutical Co. has tried its utmost to manufacture superior medicines for the last half a century. In addition, Il-Yang has put forth its strength for the construction of the country with healthy people under the banner of "challenging the limitations of the medical practice and pharmaceutical dispensing for one hundred years". On the basis of the most advanced medical practice and pharmaceutical dispending and a solid business footing in the Korean market, Il-Yang has exported a variety of pharmaceuticals to approximately 30 countries in the world including the USA and Europe, and has opened an era of lacal production, by establishing Yangjoo Il-Yang Pharmaceutical Limited Company in China and manufacturing end-pharmaceuticals.
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194, Dogok-ro, Gangnam-gu
South Korea