IMAP is a company dedicated to the production of Plastic Primary Packaging for the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries. Founded in 1940 by a German immigrant, it was one of the first companies in Argentina dedicated to thermoplastic transformation. It manufactures through injection, injection-blow molding and blow molding. It also offers value-added services such as decoration (offset, screen printing and labeling), set assembly, garrison placement, etc… Production is in clean room: positive air pressure (ISO 8 standard), epoxy floors, sanitary skirting boards, no cardboard in the area, external raw material supply. Main product lines:

  • Tubes and caps for effervescent tablets (main producer in South America)
  • PE and PET Standard medicinal bottles (RP28) with caps (TE and CR)
  • PET Bottles (DIN18) with caps.
  • Vials
  • Dosing syringes
  • Droppers with scale
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Av. Corrientes 1302 - 7mo Piso