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Hyundai Ki-Gong Co., Ltd. has designed and manufactured various automated industrial machinery, including semiconductor devices. In addition, Hyundai Ki-Gong Co., Ltd. has produced and developed. 10COLOR offset press, 7LAYER extruder, AUTOMATIC HEADING MACHINE, 5COLOR automatic silk printing machine, 4COLOR AUTO HOT STAMPING MACHINE, FOIL POLYMER TUBE MACHINE and all relevant molds, etc. Hyundai Ki-Gong Co., Ltd. Application has registered over 80 patents related technologies, including intellectual property rights, etc. And Hyundai Ki-Gong Co., Ltd. and, iPACK Co., Ltd. has been merged and reorganized as iPACK Co.,Ltd. in order to make the organization based on high quality products and know-how accumulated and also in order to provide information, professional and focused in-depth knowledge. We are headed as a leader in the industry by operating quality management system based on the ISO. We have established operations subsidiaries and offices in Indonesia, including the United States and Japan and secured 15,000 square meters...
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