Jiangsu Yew Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Founded in February 2004, Jiangsu Yew Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is a High-Tech enterprise which is specially engaged in extracting, isolating and purifying paclitaxel from yew trees. The company has three key business units consisting of a chemical division for manufacturing paclitaxel, a pharma division for manufacturing formulated drugs on injection and freeze-dry injectable powder and a cultivation division for the research of yew resources. Our company invested 80,000,000 to build the chemical division. It produces paclitaxel for selling to other pharmaceutical companies to further process, and we also do paclitaxel market both home and abroad. Company has successfully established a new production line using a new method which can avoid the use of expensive solvent and taxic reagents, leading to a considerable reduction of waste. And the adoption of the technology would further enhance our competitiveness in the market.

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