Jiangxi Kingnord Industrial Limited

A custom manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediates including GMP advanced intermediates. One production site, one R&D center, one trading subsidiary and 100 employees. Technology: Heterocyclics(Indole, Imidazole, Indazole, Quinoline, Thiazole, Oxazole) Synthesis; Reduction with LAH, Borohydride, DIBAH, Hydrazine (Wolff-Kishner); Catalytic Hydrogenation. Oxidation with Chromium, Manganese Dioxide, Permanganate, mCBPA reagent. Swern Oxidation; Dess-Martin Periodinane Oxidation; Kinetic resolution; Suzuki Coupling; Heck-Fujiwara Coupling; Grignard Reactions; Esterification and Ester change Reaction; Chiral resolutions.