LEKAM Pharmaceutical Company Ltd is expanding both on the Polish pharmaceutical market as well as on international markets. LEKAM combinesa homogeneous product portfolio, efficient leadership and highly skilled employees, that allowes the company to quickly gain recognition in the pharmaceutical industry. Presently LEKAM is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Poland. A rapid rate of growth in terms of sales and revenues, combined with a top quality of products offered, has turned LEKAM into phenomenonon the market. After 13 years of existence we were among the TOP 10companies on the Polish pharmaceutical market (based on IMS Data). LEKAM's products have been awarded and honored with prestigious awards granted by both consumers and the medical community. Our product portfolio is made up of a carefully selected Over The Counter (OTC), Prescription Medicines (Rx) as well as Food Supplements (FS), Medical Devices (MD) and Cosmetics (COS). Our products have been...
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