Novasep is a leading worldwide provider of integrated manufacturing solutions for the Life Science industries. We develop, market and operate innovative technologies from lab to industrial scale to produce biomolecules and synthetic molecules for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, agrochemical, fine chemical and industrial biotechnology markets. In order to fulfill our customers' ingredient needs, we develop and use a broad portfolio of technologies to support our unique business model, which includes:- process development services, custom synthesis and biomanufacturing (outsourcing solutions), purification processes, equipment and consumables (insourcing solutions), fine chemicals and generic active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our offering helps our customers to enhance product quality, reduce production costs and shorten time-to-market. We operate through two complementary business divisions, Novasep Process and Novasep Synthesis. Our offering for synthetic molecules consists of:- multi-step synthesis and purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and advanced intermediates, agrochemicals and fine chemicals; purification processes, equipment and products for APIs, synthetic...

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