Novasep provides an extensive range of contract development & manufacturing (CDMO) services to the pharmaceutical industry for both Small Molecule APIs and Biopharmaceuticals. With 1,300 employees, Novasep is established in Europe, Asia and North America and is constantly expanding its presence to better serve its customers. We aim to be a highly respected, top tier service provider through the passion of our people and the excellence of our processes. Our CDMO services include: APIs and HPAPIs cGMP intermediates and starting materials Viral vectors (AAV, ADV, Lentiviral vectors…) Monoclonal antibodies and other recombinant proteins Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) Fill & Finish for biologics We offer a wide range of flexible development & commercial assets on cGMP multiple sites with an outstanding regulatory track record. Novasep is a world leader in a number of technologies including industrial chromatography (batch and continuous), hazardous & cryogenic chemistry, high potency & cytotoxics, supported by an...

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